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Supporting specialty practices along the journey to excellence

OnCall podcast

Biosimilar Series: Part 1

In this episode, the first of our biosimilar education series, Kathy Oubre, CEO of Pontchartrain Cancer Center, and Neil Udovich, Sales, discuss what biosimilars are (and aren’t), interchangeability with their reference products, and Kathy’s experience with adopting them into her practice.

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Experience our commitment to digital innovation with AB GPOconnect

AB GPOconnect provides you with a comprehensive view and direct access to the information needed to make sound strategic decisions, in addition to better forecasting and cash flow predictions. The data you need to support your business is now online and available on demand 24/7. 

Key features

  • The GPO Scorecard allows you to closely monitor your quarterly performance on contracted rebate and OID opportunities. 
  • The self-service Rebate Payment Tracker gives visibility into past and upcoming rebates, allowing for easy tracking and status updates. 
  • The GPO Value Report helps quantify the value of your GPO membership and more accurately predict cashflow. 

Greater access and choice for specialty practices powered by our legacy GPO

Being one of the longest-standing specialty GPOs in the country means we generate results for our members. With the combined value of our relationships with leading manufacturers, our expertise in industry trends and our diverse contract portfolio, we offer unrivaled collective purchasing power and competitive contracts to specialty practices. Whether you're interested in uncovering new clinical and operational efficiencies, opening new lines of revenue, or need support navigating the transition to value-based reimbursement—we'll be there to help you, every step of the way.

We help you focus on what matters most — patient care


Practice business analytics

InfoDive is a powerful business intelligence solution for your specialty practice. Learn how your practice can benefit from this benchmarking tool to enhance operations, benchmark physician performance and drive better business decisions.


Optimize access and purchasing power

The cost of a drug should never prohibit you from providing your patients with the care they need. That's why you depend on having reliable access to the most advanced collection of therapies entering the market. With the aggregated purchasing power of a tightly-aligned GPO and distributor, we can even help you bring dispensing capabilities to your practice—ensuring your patients can get everything they need in one place.

Navigate industry changes

The healthcare industry evolves constantly. To stay ahead of the curve, you need dedicated resources to help you navigate the transition from fee-for-service to fee-for-value reimbursement. Our team of experienced professionals will help you demonstrate the real, measurable value of the care you deliver, and meet merit-based incentive payment system (MIPS) reporting requirements—taking the burden of reporting off your staff and giving you peace of mind.

Advance the quality of patient care

Clinical trials and research are critical to advancing patient care and can provide additional revenue for your practice. But many specialty practices struggle to match the right patients with the right research opportunities. When you join our extensive research network, you will engage with other community-based practices in your specialty area to broaden your research expertise and increase patient access to clinical trials.

Elevate business performance

We design services and solutions that help specialty practices elevate financial and operational performance. Whether it's optimizing workflows or uncovering gaps in your billing processes, our business intelligence tools can help you reclaim lost revenue and avoid future discrepancies. You can also work with our team of consultants to create a customized plan that addresses the specific needs of your practice.

Your Smart GPO

What does it mean to be a Smart GPO? For us, it means using data and actionable insights to support your practice in the transition to value-based care. It means providing analytics tools to help you align with national guidelines. And it means using empirical evidence to put patient outcomes at the heart of your practice's health and sustainability.

When you join our Smart GPO, you become part of a network of specialty practices making data-backed decisions to advance the quality of patient care. That's having a smart partner in your corner.

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Consulting Services

Leverage our expertise for every business
and clinical decision 

The range of skillsets required to effectively run a specialty practice is ever-expanding. Sometimes that means going outside the walls of your own practice for help. AmerisourceBergen Specialty GPOs' consulting services offers the business and clinical support that today's practices need to maximize their potential and smoothly transition to the complex GPO environment. From revenue cycle management, to workflow optimization, to expanding your team of providers—the journey to growing your practice starts with having experts in your corner. 

Having the right partner makes all the difference

When you become an AmerisourceBergen Specialty GPOs member, you're joining a vast network of community specialty professionals. You'll work with industry experts and analytics tools that support your practice in delivering the best possible patient care.