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Pharmacy Services

Medically Integrated Dispensing

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Opening new lines of revenue for your practice

Bringing pharmacy services into your practice can help your patients and support the health of your business. Beyond opening new lines of revenue by offering prescriptions and supportive care products, you'll help improve patient outcomes through better compliance and side effect management. And with setup help from our dedicated team of pharmacists and nurses, you can start dispensing sooner than you'd expect.
Doctor and hospital employee going over paperwork and reviewing on a tablet

Practical support for your dispensing program

Doctor and hospital employee going over paperwork and reviewing on a tablet

Our pharmacy services team will partner closely with your practice as you implement your medically integrated dispensing program. Comprised of nationally certified pharmacists, nurses, and pharmacy technicians, our team draws on practice, managed care, and specialty pharmacy accreditation experience. That means we can offer practical advice about operations, workflows and best practices that make sense for your dispensing program.

Through office visits and regular check-ins, we'll explain contract terms, goals, measurement periods, market share and volume achievements. We can even assist you with ACHC and URAC accreditation and payer audits. Ultimately, we're here to make it easier for you start your program so you can focus on what you do best—providing the best in patient care.

Doctor and hospital employee going over paperwork and reviewing on a tablet

Picking the right dispensing model

We can help you choose between two different dispensing models depending on the needs of your practice. If your practice writes enough prescriptions to support an onsite retail pharmacy, you might consider a licensed pharmacy with a pharmacist on staff. If not, a physician-dispensing model puts doctors in control of which medications to stock and dispense. Both options enable practices to provide medications under the pharmacy benefit of a patient's insurance. You'll forge new avenues for growth while creating a one-stop care environment for your patients.
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Building smarter workflows

Understand program performance 

SmartRx Analyzer

SmartRx Analyzer helps you measure and analyze the performance of your medically integrated dispensing program to improve clinical operations and uncover efficiencies. With its easy-to-use, self-guided analytics, you will find the insights you need to manage the operational flow of dispensing, adapt to dispensing trends, and help enhance patient care.

Simplify claims reconciliation

SmartRx Reconciliation

Claims reconciliation is a necessary process. By matching claims to third-party reimbursements, you can identify paid, underpaid and unpaid claims. If you are not reconciling your claims, you are likely losing or missing out on revenue. SmartRx Reconciliation saves time and energy by simplifying payment tracking and reconciliation management.

Capture new revenue

SmartRx Fill

With SmartRx Fill, your practice will benefit from an in-house dispensary without the administrative overhead. Our user-friendly solution requires only a small footprint in your office. You'll be able to verify insurance information, fill prescriptions and electronically adjudicate claims, print drug information and labels, process refills, and access patient prescription history.

Streamline PBM contracting 

SmartRx Credentialing

SmartRx Credentialing simplifies the complex process of PBM contracting for medically integrated dispensing programs. Let our team of experts handle the entire credentialing process, including maintenance and updates for your contracts with PBMs and PSAOs. We ensure your pharmacy meets all requirements with PBMs, regardless of which dispensing software you use.

The right tools to get you started

When you add a new service offering, you need to make sure your patients know about it. That's why we've developed a marketing toolkit with flyers, business cards and table tents that you can customize with your practice's logo and contact information.

If you're considering adding pharmacy services to your practice, your staff will need to complete fraud, waste and abuse trainings to stay in compliance with government regulations. Take a moment to understand the requirements so you can plan ahead.

Your partner in expanding care

You want your practice to be the best it can be. That means going beyond basic needs and providing a truly exceptional patient experience. By offering prescriptions and supportive care products at your facility, you can continue to build patient trust, bolster your reputation and set your practice up for long-term success.