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Memorial Day
Cencora will be closed in observance of the Memorial Day holiday and there will be no deliveries on Monday, May 27. Our Customer Service and Customer Systems Support teams will also be unavailable on this day. Please review our full holiday schedule below for more detailed information and to plan your orders accordingly. We will resume normal operations on Tuesday, May 28

InfoDive®, Cubixx®MD and PODIS® Plus

Practice Business Analytics


You can't be everywhere at once. Your data can. 

No matter how efficiently you run your specialty practice, you can't be everywhere at once. Even the most diligent practitioners make coding errors or forget to track waste. And just one wrong click can cost your practice thousands in lost revenue. Worse yet, you might not even know that it happened.

That's why we've built powerful business intelligence solutions that comb through data from your EHR, your PM and inventory management systems to identify discrepancies before they become problems. Think of our solutions as triage specialists for your operations: We help you prioritize administrative tasks to recover lost revenue, enhance operational efficiencies, reduce your audit risk, amplify your marketing impact, and more.


Dive deeper with InfoDive

Protect your practice's financial health with InfoDive

Powering better business performance

Benchmarking against your peers

InfoDive pulls data from your EHR and practice management tools and compares it to national community practice benchmarks in your specialty, helping you make informed decisions for your business. We can help you reduce audit risk by optimizing coding practices to ensure regulatory compliance. You'll be able to compare practitioner productivity and improve your marketing results by understanding where your referrals come from.

Increasing revenue

In contract negotiations with payers, knowledge is power. InfoDive arms you with clear insights into reimbursements and adjustments, so you’ll come to the table with better data than the payer. Our easy-to-use reports analyze your revenue cycles so you can see exactly how much your practice is being paid, helping you foresee gaps and identify opportunities for growth.


Buy and Bill

Identifying claims paid below cost

Between understanding contracted pricing agreements and working with so many different payers, it's easy to see how your practice might accidentally close a drug claim without recovering the full cost of the medication. With InfoDive's Buy and Bill report, we can quickly identify closed claims where you've accepted less than your invoice cost. We'll arm you with the details you need to recover those costs and help you identify operational improvements that might have contributed to the loss in the first place. 

Inventory management benchmarking

Carry only what you need

Inventory management is a balancing act. You need the right medications on hand to treat the patients on your schedule. But carry too much product for too long, and you're financially liable for the inventory that you can't bill yet. With InfoDive's national benchmarking capabilities, you can compare your inventory management strategies with your peers nationally. Evaluate your daily dispenses, days of inventory on hand, and turnover rates to optimize your ordering schedule.
Woman using a Nucleus cabinet

Providing additional analytics tools to monitor your practice's health

Smart inventory management


CubixxMD is a smart inventory management system designed to benefit all parts of your specialty practice. With smart integrations into your existing PM, EHR and EMR systems, everyone on your clinical, purchasing, administration and finance teams will discover new efficiencies in their workflows. And by connecting CubixxMD with your PM and EHR systems, you can use smart forecasting tools to ensure you’ll have everything that you need for your upcoming patient schedule. You can even place just-in-time orders and get products pre-labeled from Besse Medical the next business day.

Fine-tuned financial control


Our PODIS Plus system gives you close financial control with improved visibility through robust, comprehensive reporting that will make inventory management easier and payment verification more accurate. You can easily place and manage orders from Besse Medical, scan items into your system and manage inventory across all locations—only ordering more when you truly need to restock.

Dive deeper with InfoDive

The most stressful problems are the ones you don't see coming. That's what makes InfoDive so powerful: We can help you stop worrying about what you missed so you can get back to running your practice. Request a demonstration from our team today.