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GPO Contracts


Fighting for community specialty practices

As a community medical provider, you care for the majority of patients in your specialty area. No matter the size of your practice, you deserve to stand on a level playing field and have a choice—which means access to pharmaceutical contracting that works for you and your patients.

That’s why so many providers have joined AmerisourceBergen Specialty GPOs: We fight to help community specialty practices gain equal footing in the marketplace, so you can continue providing the life-changing care that your patients depend on.

A group of doctors in a meeting

Setting the standard

A group of doctors in a meeting
As the  longest-standing specialty GPO of its kind, we bring over 20 years of experience to contract negotiations. Because of our tenure, manufacturers trust AmerisourceBergen Specialty GPOs to define contract terms that are both valuable and attainable which, in turn, empowers us to guide practices on strategic contracting decisions. That's why when you join our network, you're setting the industry standard for provider-shaped contracting terms.
A group of doctors in a meeting

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Contracts are just the beginning.

Running a healthy practice requires a lot more than smart contracting terms. That's why we've developed a suite of solutions to help you maintain a 360-degree view of your practice. Learn how we can partner with you to advance the quality of your patient care.