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Upcoming webinar | December 7th 12pm CT/1pm ET

Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) 2024 Final Rule

Join us for an important webinar discussing the 2024 (PFS) Physician Fee Schedule Final Rule. The discussion will cover major provisions pertaining to MIPS, including performance and category thresholds, performance period updates on Promoting Interoperability, new MVPs, and new and retired measures (Cost, Quality, and Improvement Activities).

Additionally, there will be a review of our optional Cost Analytics Service for 2024. 

Suggested attendees: Physicians, administrators, EHR champions, and any other regulatory specialists in your practice

MIPS Cost Analytics service

Ease the burden of reporting

As the Cost category now represents 30% of the overall composite score for the 2024 reporting year, successfully reporting on it is crucial for traditional MIPS. Our expert team will guide you through the applicable cost measures using standardized algorithms recommended by CMS. With our support, you have the potential to increase revenue and reduce costs associated with patient care.
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On-demand webinar

Overview of APMs, EOM, and the new Cost Tool

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During this webinar, the MIPS consulting team discussed MIPS vs. Advanced APMs, APM performance pathway (APP) submission and scoring, five reporting pathways, and how to decide the path best for you and your practice.

They also introduced a new cost tool for current reporting year data. 
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On-demand webinar

MIPS 2022 final rule


The Quality Reporting Engagement Group discussed the impact of the 2022 final rule for your practice. Stay informed on the updates that could possibly affect your practice’s scoring within each performance category.

Suggested viewers: Physicians, administrators, EMR champions, and other regulatory specialists within your practice.

Highlights from the 2022 MIPS Final Rule [Insights article]


Don't let MIPS take you by surprise.


Every year, the reporting requirements for MIPS become more complex and harder to meet. At the same time, the penalties for non-compliance keep taking bigger bites out of your revenue. You're under increasing pressure to perform, and one-size-fits-all reporting tools can't help you prioritize your quality and cost initiatives to get where you need to be.

You shouldn't have to become a MIPS expert overnight to keep doing what you do best—delivering the best specialty care. We were the first consulting partner to help practices transition to value-based care when Meaningful Use reporting began in 2011. When you work with us, you’ll sleep better knowing your practice is supported by industry leaders who are invested in your practice's success.


A proven record of client success


Exceptional Performers in 2021


of Eligible Clinicians avoided penalties or will be receiving an upward adjustment


different EMR's that QREG worked with in 2021

Supporting your practice, all year long

We know that your primary concern is providing quality care for your patients—not interpreting mountains of new regulations. When you partner with us, we’ll be there before, during and after submission time. We can help prioritize adjustments to your tools and workflows. Every month, we’ll send you a report on how you’re tracking towards the goals we’ve established together and answer any questions you might have.

Most importantly, we'll be there when you need us most: If you are ever faced with an audit, our team will guide you every step of the way. We’ve coached clients through over 130 audits to date, and every single one has passed. In the face of something so intimidating and uncertain, you deserve a partner who understands the process and can help guide you to a successful outcome.

Meet the team

The Quality Reporting Engagement Group

Combining experience with expertise

We’ve chosen the people on our team because of their expertise in the field and their commitment to customer success. That means that in addition to bringing decades of experience to the table, our primary focus is right where it belongs—being the advocate for you, the provider. Since 2011, our team has completed:


Meaningful Use/PI attestations


Quality submissions

30+ years

Combined industry experience

“I have worked with the Quality Reporting Engagement Group for two years. For 2022, we hit 100% in the categories we report. I will be retaining their excellent services.”

Physician, Physical Medicine 


Serving all specialties and platforms

The regulations around MIPS reporting apply equally across all specialties. That’s why we partner with all types of practices regardless of their EHR and PM platforms, to help them provide—and report on—the highest quality of care.

360-degree support for community specialty practices

Running a healthy practice requires attention to your business as well as to your patients. Learn how we can partner with you to help your practice thrive, so you can focus on doing what you do best—delivering high-quality community specialty care.