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Educational Podcasts for GPO Members


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The education you want - wherever you want.

OnCall is a podcast series from AmerisourceBergen where we will discuss the latest industry information relevant to our GPO member practices. We will share regular updates from our knowledgeable staff and partners, as well as your respected peers, on everything from precision medicine and biosimilar innovations to practice management solutions and the legislative landscape. Listen from your computer during breaks at the office or from your phone on the go - we make it easy to fit educational content into your schedule.

Featured episodes

GPO Legislative Townhall August 2023: Part 8

In this episode, the eighth of our GPO Legislative Updates series, Joel White, President and CEO of Horizon Government Affairs discusses MPFS, Medicare Drug Price Negotiations, PBM reform, and elections.

Our next episode will feature information on politics and policy, and physician payment issues. If you have any questions for our guests or have a topic you would like to learn more about, email us at

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