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Are you protecting your reimbursements?


With each passing year, it may seem like it gets harder and harder to get paid for treating patients. There are some providers who are backing away from accepting insurance, but as a specialty practice, you cannot afford to do so.  Besides creating a narrow potential pool of patients, it would probably mean no access to care for those patients who need it the most.

Reimbursements from payers are essential to keeping your practice financially stable.

How can you be sure you’ve completed all the proper paperwork and assigned the right codes to get payment for your patient’s treatments? And then ensure you’ve done the same for the 50, 75, 200 patients you see every week?

A specialty practice noted that PODIS® Plus “targeted in detail the most crucial elements that a medical practice needs support with”, with its Billing Accuracy Report and specific functions to do prior authorizations for treatment before the year end or the authorization end date.

PODIS Plus is more than an inventory management system. It will track your products from ordering, until the full payment is received from the payer. It also makes it easy to move away from manual tracking as everyone in your practice – from providers to clinic staff to administrators and billing teams – can have access to the data.

PODIS Plus will also audit your end-of-month inventory and reconcile your drug usage that month, so you don’t have to go looking for that data, automatically reconciling dispense data with billing data from your practice management system and calling out any discrepancies.

With the increasing use of biologics and biosimilars, it makes sense to look at more efficient ways to improve your workflows. By using PODIS Plus, you can view your inventory across all your locations and easily distinguish product types to make sure you are providing the right drugs to the right patients in your clinic schedule, helping reduce your carrying costs.

PODIS can even send dispense data straight into the patient’s chart with certain EMRs, so that treatment is quickly and accurately recorded. Why not request a no-obligation demo today?