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The ease of inventory monitoring, no matter how medications are received


With PODIS® Plus, you can easily access your patient schedule (which has been integrated from your patient management system) to ensure you have appropriate medications on hand or see which treatments to order for upcoming patient appointments.


To help monitor the health of your inventory, the cloud-based inventory management solution has an intuitive dashboard which highlights any potential areas of concern, such as expiring drugs, low inventory levels, and orders that were shipped but not yet received in.

PODIS Plus tracks your medications from ordering to receipt and through the administration and eventually, the billing and payment. While reviewing your patient schedules, you may see that a few patients get their treatment from either a specialty pharmacy or through a patient assistance program. Those medications will be ordered through a separate process and when that specific order is received, you have the ability to print a barcode label with the thermal printer provided. The labels you need to print for that specialty pharmacy or patient assistance medication will have the name of the patient, the lot number for the specific drug, and the expiration date. 

For the treatments you order directly from Besse Medical, when you receive a shipment, you compare the invoice to the packing slip, and go to the order receiving screen to show the items you ordered are received – and all will show up in your reports.  That order goes into your current inventory in “live” time. 

If you are interested in learning how PODIS Plus can help streamline some of your processes, and give you back some time, reach out to our team at