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A centralized contracting process for clinical trials can help your practice save time and resources


Protocols for biopharmaceutical clinical research, particularly in oncology, are becoming increasingly more complex.1 With a greater focus on targeted patient populations and a much larger number of trials being conducted annually than were two decades ago, it is getting more difficult to enroll subjects (patients) for their trials.

With the increased complexity of protocols comes rising administrative burdens for your practice. By becoming an active participant in clinical research, you create an opportunity for your practice to consider your patients and the potential access to life-changing treatments.

But what does a centralized process do for your practice?
The AdvanceIQ Network team can work with your practice to help identify those targeted patients. It is possible that a biopharmaceutical company is looking for patients with a specific biomarker, in a designated stage of treatment and with certain demographics. The AdvanceIQ Network can leverage the data from your PM and EHR systems to respond more quickly to clinical trial opportunities.

After we identify those particular patients, the AdvanceIQ Network team will establish a Master Research Agreement with the sponsors, minimizing your practice’s effort related to negotiating terms around issues like confidentiality, indemnification or payment terms. This agreement, developed by our AdvanceIQ team and key sponsors, will help speed up the process in beginning a research project or clinical trial, as well as reduce any time your own staff involvement in contract negotiation.

Our team will also help you with budgeting and negotiating contracts, ensuring you are in a position to not expend unnecessary resources. For example, determining if patient care during the study is the responsibility of the sponsor, or qualifies under a payer for third party reimbursement. The AdvanceIQ Network team will help take the burden off your staff, and ensure you have the necessary equipment and site coordination considered with your contract.

What are the advantages for your patients?
Becoming part of a network that has access to clinical research can provide opportunities to new treatments for your patients, sometimes even those with rare tumor types, which in turn can help save lives. With the data from your PM and EHR systems readily available and by having appropriate contracts in place, you can make new trials available to your patient more quickly

With the ease in identifying those specific patient populations from the AdvanceIQ Network team, we can lessen the burden of searching for appropriate clinical trials, thus reducing the time to get your patients access to the trials in which they are qualified to participate.

To discuss how you can offer your patients access to ongoing clinical trials and potentially better serve community care, start a conversation with one of our AdvanceIQ Network team members. They can better discuss how we can support practices of all sizes and research expertise. Reach out at