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How does your practice prepare to meet your security standards?


With the expansion of telehealth and its expected continued use, keeping patient data safe and protecting your practice must become a priority.

Practices that work with our Quality Reporting Engagement Group (QREG) will receive documentation to complete a security risk analysis which is provided as part of their consulting services.

Practices also need to keep in mind the pressures of protecting your organization solely placed on an internal IT team. Typical IT contracts have the focus on maintaining operations, not necessarily security. With outside counsel, a security vendor can perform an assessment of software inventory – to ensure the software (even legacy software) has the means to protect from attacks.  They can also look at your practice’s network capabilities and perform a vulnerability assessment.

In a recent webinar, it was recommended that practices create a security roadmap. That process will help align security processes with your practice’s operational goals and determine whether you need outside help for protection. The roadmap is considered to be a flexible document which changes as cybercriminals change their tactics.  Part of that roadmap will include the security risk assessment that each practice must complete for their MIPS submissions.

To learn more about cybersecurity and your practice, listen to the April webinar hosted by the Quality Reporting Engagement Group, along with Firm Guardian, a cybersecurity company which focuses on helping organizations create stronger security and compliance programs.