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MIPS for infusion practices: There's not much time left to consider a submission


Infusion practices or Eligible Clinicians who are eligible to participate in the Quality Payment Program (QPP) in the Merit-based Incentive Program (MIPS) Improvement Activities category need to participate for a continuous 90-day period in the 2021 Performance Year (PY). The time frame for the end of the year is running out.  Practices must plan to implement the improvement activities no later than Sunday, October 3, 2021 to have enough information to submit.

Has your practice considered what data you want to submit and where you can gather the information for accurate submission?  There are steps you need to consider before deciding on which activities are most meaningful to your infusion practice.
If you are looking for help, our team of experts can partner with you to guide you through your submission.

Look for more information on the Improvement Activities category and what reporting means to your reimbursements from CMS in future articles.

The Quality Reporting Engagement Group has partnered with practices to help them receive over $70 million in incentive money for the quality of their care, regardless of their specialty or the EHR they use.  To start a conversation or ask questions of one of their experts, contact