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Do your patients need to be represented in clinical trials?


Racial and ethnic minorities continue to be underrepresented in clinical trials. It’s been reported that between 80-90 percent of subjects in clinical trials are Caucasian; even though in the U.S., racial minorities make up over 40 percent of the population. An article from 2018 in Scientific American still rings true – without a diverse demographic in a trial, how does the company know how those minority patients will respond, or what side effects they may see?

Biopharmaceutical companies are actively looking to change that representation. Might you have those specific patients who could qualify?  As a community-based practice, your patients may be overlooked.

To address this problem, sponsors need more insight into where these patients exist within the community setting. How it works: biopharmaceutical firms will access Clinical Trial Navigator (a solution provided by AmerisourceBergen) to enter protocol criteria and see the community practices, and their (de-identified) typical patient population to determine if patients can be enrolled.

Your practice could be one of those sites selected, even based on criteria like biomarkers and race or ethnicity. To increase your likelihood of being selected, you will need to be part of our AdvanceIQ Network™.

As a member of our AdvanceIQ Network, it is also easier for you as a specialty provider to identify qualified patients and connect them with the latest and most advanced therapies through clinical trials. You join with other practices to increase access to those clinical trials by increasing awareness of patients seeking care in their communities.

The benefits to your patients? Access to potential new treatments, potentially less travel for treatment (by not having to go to a large academic center), on-site education provided by your staff which ensures more of a comfort level for the patient.

If you are looking to find out how AdvanceIQ Network can help your patients, and how the network can help make it easier to become a clinical trial site, reach out to one of our team at