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Is Your Infusion Center Eligible to Report on MIPS?


Infusion centers are not necessarily exempt from MIPS, and many clinicians working in infusion centers may find that they are required to submit for MIPS, in order to avoid penalties.  The data is used for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) under the Quality Payment Program (QPP).

Practices and providers will need to submit MIPS data to avoid the negative adjustments to their Medicare Part B reimbursements from CMS, which can reduce payments by up to 9%.

To see if the clinicians in your infusion center are eligible to report performance data in 2021, you should visit the QPP Participation Status page at: 

MIPS eligibility status is specific to each provider by their NPI (National Provider Identifier) and the practices, determined by unique TIN (Tax Identification Number), to which they are associated. This eligibility is based on four factors:

If you are not required to participate in MIPS, determine if you want to elect to opt-in to MIPS (if applicable), report voluntarily, or not report MIPS data at all.

Look for more information on the Improvement Activities category and what reporting means to your reimbursements from CMS in future articles.

The Quality Reporting Engagement Group has partnered with practices to help them receive over $70 million in incentive money for the quality of their care, regardless of their specialty or the EHR they use.  To start a conversation or ask questions of one of their experts, contact